Regaining Romanian citizenship by descent

Regaining Romanian citizenship by descent

Regaining Romanian citizenship by descent-Romanian citizenship may be regained or granted to persons who were Romanian citizens and lost it for reasons their control or whose citizenship was taken away from them without their will.

This scenario also applies to descendants of former Romanian citizens up to the third degree.

Therefore, thi sapply if the former Romanian citizen is having a kinship up to his grandparent/great-grandparent.

Main documents required:
  • evidence that the ascendant held Romanian citizenship (by identity documents issued at that time, attesting Romanian citizenship) or
  • proof that the ascendant was born in a region that was at that time part of the territory of Romania; and
  • evidence regarding the kinship between the applicant and the former Romanian citizen (through civil status certificates such as: birth certificates of mother/father, your wife’s birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.).
  • do you have legal means for a decent existence in Romania, under the conditions established by the legislation on the status of foreigners;
  • you are known to be of good behaviour and has not been convicted in the country or abroad for a crime that makes him/her unworthy of being a Romanian citizen;
  • you know the Romanian language and posses elementary notions of Romanian culture and civilization, sufficient to integrate into social life;
  • know the provisions of the Romanian Constitution and the national anthem.

Romanian citizenship is regained from the date of taking the oath of allegiance to Romania.

Dual or multiple citizenship is allowed and the process may take between a few months and up to 1 year.

There is no official fee applicable for submitting the file with the National Authority for Citizenship.

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