Romanian Citizenship by descent for Jews

Citizenship by descent comes with a personal history, one belonging to each of our client. Our client from today didn’t have any birth certificate from his deceased mother, who was born in a city in Neamt county, Roman. Our team…

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EU Commission gives a heads up to the Council for allowing Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen in 2023

The European Commission underlined that maintaining the EU’s internal borders with Romania and Bulgaria has economic and environmental consequences for both countries and for the EU bloc as a whole, in its second report on Schengen 2023 published on 16…

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Paying the share capital after incorporating a company in Romania

The companies’ law has been recently amended, the limit of the subscribed share capital of 200 Lei (local currency) being no longer mandatory. Therefore, when you decide to set up a limited liability company in Romania, you can have a…

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