Employment in Romania

Employment in Romania

Employment in Romania

According to the Labour Code, the employer must inform the employee about essential employment agreement clauses during the hiring process.

However, many well-known companies practice good hiring practices and use human resources specialists to identify the best candidates. In addition, public institutions and private companies are required to hold theoretical contests to select employees.

Furthermore, employees are constitutionally entitled to form a union and can join one. Those who want to form a union must comply with specific legal requirements and register as an association. They also have the right to decide on their mode of representation in negotiations with employers and elect representatives. The union must be consulted about health and safety measures at the workplace. In addition, they can demand a minimum wage. Moreover, employers must ensure the safety of their workers by establishing policies that encourage safe workplaces.

In addition, the labour code also limits the duration of fixed-term contracts. An initial fixed-term contract can last up to 36 months, and can be renewed two times for an additional 12 months. The maximum duration of a fixed-term contract is 60 months, and the company can only have three such agreements in succession. As a result, it is important to know the laws and procedures of employment in Romania before expanding operations there. A misstep on the part of the employer can prove costly.

Similarly, employers must inform the labour inspectorate of any non-compliance. In addition, the labour law in Romania provides protection against unfair dismissal. In addition, companies are required to make written individual employment agreements (IEAs) with employees. The IEA must include essential terms of the contract and must be signed by both parties. It must also mention the minimum rights provided by the labor law. There are no mandatory agreements pertaining to the termination of fixed-term contracts in Romania.

The Labor code of Romania defines the minimum rights of employees and employers. The law also requires employers to keep employees’ salary and personal information confidential. If an employee is forced to leave his or her job, the employer can still keep that information for future reference. It is possible for an employee to be dismissed based on a single reason. In other words, the employer can simply terminate the employment without any legal ramifications. If the employee is fired, the notice period must be of minimum 20 business days.

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