Romanian real estate market has known in the past 5 years a spectacular growth in the development of luxury hotel and residential complexes, of multi-billion euros. Multiple projects in the premium sector comprising of commercial spaces or residential premium villas or apartments are built and delivered every year in Romania. Yet the market is still not saturated.

Romania is located at the crossroads of Central and South-eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine. Romania is the gateway to Western Europe by airplane/car. The capital and largest city is Bucharest followed closely by Cluj, Constanta, Brasov and Timisoara. The official language is Romanian, and the currency is the Romanian leu (RON).

According to the information published by the National Bank of Romania (NBR), non-residents’ direct investment in Romania totalled EUR 4,740 million in January through December 2019.

The most suitable cities for real estate investments are Bucharest (particularly the beautiful Northern area), followed by Cluj (Mamaia), Brasov/Sinaia (center- mountain resorts) and Cluj (western part).

All cities appropriate for real estate investments are in a well-connected community. Major part of the properties we recommend are new built in a gated community with incredible views of the city either lake-views/park-views mountain views or seaside-views.

Also, all the homes that we promote from our portfolio are with interiors of the highest quality and high-level of comfort amenities.

Why opt for this type of investment?


  • Earn guaranteed 7% yearly return on investment
  • 6 years full return on your investment
  • Estimated rent value is 7.5% of the investment value</li>
  • Selling your investment on the secondary market in 1-2 years post delivery with a minimum 20% up to 40% profit on the investment value
  • We can negotiate for you investor prices highly attractive and reduced up to 20% of the final sale price marketed to final customers
  • Multi-Cultural Society that is home to over 100 Nationalities.
  • One of the Safest Cities in the world.
  • 1% -3% Income Tax
  • Geographically located at the crossroads of Central and South-eastern Europe
  • Highly competitive real estate prices compared to global cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, New York, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Paris.





Why Choose Romania for Real Estate Investment?

    • The tourism industry in Romania is mainly focused on its rich history, medieval castles, beautiful mountain landscapes, beach resorts and the Danube Delta. Since 2015, the number or arrivals in tourist accommodation in Romania has been increasing by approximately one million every year. By 2019, over 13 million tourist arrivals were recorded at accommodation establishments. It is worth mentioning that figures have been steadily rising for both domestic and international arrivals. As of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020, the number of tourist arrivals dropped to 6.34 million people.
  • Romania has been named among the World’s top locations in which to invest in real estate.
  • Romania is easy in terms of ease of doing business.


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