Employment lawyer

Employment lawyer

An employment lawyer in Romania is essential to a business’s legal and economic success. The country’s economic conditions have made labour disputes a common issue, and Romanian lawyers are familiar with the local context and can help companies deal with these situations in the best way possible. While the employment laws in Romania are not the most liberal in Europe, they are generally more lenient than those in the rest of the EU. The country’s high-quality human resources professionals can help you protect your company’s interests and avoid the hassle of hiring or firing employees.

The main sources of employment law in Romania are the Constitution, primary and secondary legislation, and international and Eur
open a legal instruments. For example, the Labour Code, Law no. 53/2003, and the Law on social dialogue, Law no. 62/2011, are some of the main documents that apply to employee rights in Romania.

The Employment Code of Romania contains provisions that aim to protect employees against discrimination, harassment, and wrongful dismissal. In addition, the Law on Equal Employment Opportunity and other labour laws provide protections for employees in a range of situations. For example, the Labour Code prohibits settlements that limit or waive an employee’s rights. It’s best to consult an employment lawyer in Romania before you enter a contract with an employee  Write us at info@immigrationinromania.com for more details.

Labour Code

The Labour Code also contains provisions designed to protect employees from wrongful termination. Nevertheless, employers may try to limit the scope of such agreements to prevent them from becoming a lawsuit. The Romanian courts are not obliged to rule on the validity of a settlement, but they do have the power to impose a fine if the settlement doesn’t protect the employee’s rights. A good employment lawyer in Romania can help you navigate the many nuances of the employment law in the country.

In Romania, the Labour Code has limited provisions regarding hiring practices. In contrast to the West, it is important to remember that the Romanian legal system does not regulate the way an employer chooses to hire employees. A lack of laws and good hiring practices can put an employer at risk of legal claims. By contrast, a good employment lawyer in Romania can help you avoid these risks and protect your rights. It’s also important to remember that hiring a labor attorney is not the same as having a human resources department.

Immigration in Romania

The immigrationinromania.com firm in Bucharest specializes in employment law. The firm offers its clients fresh, new approach to the practice of law. A Romanian labor lawyer may specialize in any of the many areas of law, including the rights of workers and the protection of their interests. For example, a worker can sue for discrimination or be fired if they have a disability. However, these cases will not necessarily involve a lawsuit, but rather a contract between the employer and the employee. Write us in case you need a thorough advice.

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