Standard and Poor’s recommends Romania as safe for investments

Standard and Poor’s recommends Romania as safe for investments

As regards Standard and Poor’s rating grades, a bond is considered investment grade if its credit rating is BBB− or higher. Whenever bonds are rated with BBB+ such are qualified as being speculative and “junk” bonds.

Standard & Poor’s has reconfirmed in April 2022 Romania’s sovereign debt rating at BBB-/A-3 for long-term and short-term debt and qualified it as a stable country where to invest.

In issuing the ranking, Standard & Poor’s justified that Romania is an European Union member and has access to the financing from international capital markets.

The recent conflict with Ukraine did not bring a negative rating to Romania hence it is substantially decreased by the absorption of significant funds from the European Union Multiannual Framework and the Recovery and Resilience Facility and by the country’s independence for energy and gas and oil from Russia, given its natural gas reserves from the Black Sea.

The Minister of Finance, Adrian Caciu stated that “The Romanian government is implementing effective measures to counter the effects of the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine. It is not only us who say it, but also Standard & Poor’s, which confirms the country’s rating and the high degree of safety for investors by maintaining a stable outlook“, stressed Minister Adrian Câciu.

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