The vast majority of the first wave of Romanian emigrants to Canada arrived in the New World before the First World War, between 1907 and 1913, mainly for economic reasons.
Some of them, fewer in number, came to Canada to settle here and put down roots. Receiving free land from the Canadian government, they took up farming, as at home, in Bucovina, settling in the prairie region – Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

They cleared forests, increased the area of arable land, built roads, built houses – at first more modest, dug into the earth, and in time – full-fledged houses and farms.

Another category of emigrants came to Canada in the hope of earning some money and returning to their villages to buy land and live a better life with their families. They headed for the industrial centres, cities like Montreal, Hamilton, Windsor or Regina, where they could work in factories, in construction or in the mines of Ontario.
By law, Romanians had to waive their citizenship in order to attain the Canadian one when arrived in Canada.

The outbreak of war in 1914 prevented many from returning home; after the end of peace, some got used to life in Canada and decided to settle here permanently, while others returned to Romania.
Between 1920 and 1922 a significant number of Romanians arrived in Canada, mainly to be reunited with their families.

But with the onset of the economic crisis at the beginning of the third decade, the share of emigration to Canada was substantially reduced, and from then on the number of Romanian emigrants to Canada was relatively small. A revival of emigration to Canada was felt immediately after the Second World War and later in the last 5-7 years.


Romania is a safe country to travel abroad. Romanians having descents who emigrated to Canada and waived their citizenship in order to attain Canadian residency or citizenship can apply now to the National Romanian Citizenship Authority in order to obtain the Romanian citizenship by descend (up to the third-degree sibling). Before applying for citizenship in Romania, you can attain a residency card in Romania, a country with a high level of life quality and relatively low living costs.

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