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    About the Immigration Advisers in Romania and Europe


    Immigration experts dating back to 2008 in immigration matters in Romania, in obtaining Romanian visa, citizenship or asylum, we pride ourselves with advising companies listed in Fortune 500, as well as their directors, employees or heads of the representative offices, appointed in Romania, various embassies, natural persons, and their families, citizens of the European Union, the Swiss Confederation as well as citizens outside the European Union and the Swiss Confederation.


    Our consulting services are tailored for each client first and foremost and aim to Amongst assisted nationals include the following countries of residence: United States of America, Japan, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Lebanon, Liban, Iran, India, Vietnam, China and Russia.

    Our team makes commitments when it comes to our clients’ needs and we make every effort to deliver to the client the most practical and least bureaucratic solution.

    We collaborate with well-known national, international and European companies in order to obtain and register the stay and residency right in Europe for various EU/Swiss Confederation and non-EU citizens, white collars and blue-collar individuals as well as for residency by investment.

    Our consulting services are tailored for each client first and foremost and aim to promote migration into Romania and support services for business set up in Romania.



    We provide complete immigration related services and in-person assistance in front of the Romanian immigration authorities:

    Business advisory for clients in obtaining a Romanian visa and the most appropriate immigration procedure and related stay-permit (visa, single permit, commercial purposes permit/work/secondment permit, etc.);

    Business consultancy for non-EU citizens in obtaining the short-stay visa for the following purposes: tourism, visit, business, transport, sports activities, cultural, cultural, scientific, humanitarian activities, short-term medical treatment or other activities.

    Assistance and representation to non-EU citizens in obtaining the long-stay visa for the following purposes: commercial, professional, work, studies, family reunification, scientific research activities, religious activities, and other purposes which do not contravene to the Romanian laws.

    Transnational employment related services including: drafting and revising posting and secondment decisions or documents and preparing relevant notifications to the labour inspectorate.

    Consultancy to EU and non-EU citizens to obtain all types of visas and residence permits & certificates in order to enter and reside in Romania for short term, long-term or for obtaining permanent residency in Romania.

    Keeping track and evidence of the expiry dates of the immigration documents issued to our clients and notifying the client about the required renewal process in due time.

    Assistance and representation before the National Authority of Romanian Citizenship for obtaining of Romanian citizenship (drafting a memorandum, applications, declarations, etc.)

    Assisting foreign citizens during the interview held before the Citizenship Commission for the verification of the fulfillment of the conditions required by the Romanian Citizenship Law

    Obtaining a temporary identity document for the asylum applicant submitted with the structures of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, Asylum and Integration Directorate


    Profit tax in Romania is one of the most advantageous in the European Union and many investment funds incorporate subsidiaries in Romania:

      • For companies not exceeding turnover 500.000 Euro and hiring 1 individual the profit tax is only 1-3%
      • Profit tax is 16% for companies that exceed 500.000 Euro in turnover.
      • The current dividend tax in Romania is 8%.




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