Paying the share capital after incorporating a company in Romania

The companies’ law has been recently amended, the limit of the subscribed share capital of 200 Lei (local currency) being no longer mandatory. Therefore, when you decide to set up a limited liability company in Romania, you can have a share capital in the amount you consider appropriate.
Article 11 of Law 31/1990 states: the share capital of a limited liability company is divided into equal parts, so the value of the share capital of a limited liability company cannot be less than 1 leu.
In conclusion, the subscribed share capital can be at any value above the minimum value. Partners are personally liable up to the limit of the subscribed and paid-up share capital.
As per the companies’ law, shareholders have the legal obligation to wire the share capital in the company’s bank account before starting operations with the company in the amount of 30% no latter than 3 months as of the incorporation and the rest of 70% within 12 months as of the incorporation.
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